Keynote talks (40 minutes):

Astrid An Huef, Victoria University of Wellington
Amenability of quasi-lattice ordered groups

Anthony Bak, Bielefeld
The classification of subgroups of a group which are invariant under the action by conjugation of a fixed subgroup

Intan Muchtadi-Alamsyah, Institut Teknologi Bandung
Stability of Gorenstein graded flat modules

Contributed talks (20 minutes):

Brian Alspach, University of Newcastle
On (1,2)-invariant graphs

Becky Armstrong, The University of Sydney
Simple graph algebras
Sup: Aidan Sims, Nathan Brownlowe

Alex Bishop, University of Newcastle
Geodesic Growth of the Fabrykowski-Gupta Group
Sup: Murray Elder

Nathan Brownlowe, The University of Sydney
Semigroup C*-algebras

Timothy Bywaters, University of Sydney
Endomorphisms, subgroups and quotients of totally disconnected locally compact groups
Sup: Jacqui Rammage, George Willis

Alex Casella, University of Sydney
Understanding 3-manifolds by their character variety 
Sup: Stephan Tillmann, Alexander Molev

James East, WSU
Congruences on infinite partition monoids 

Michal Ferov, UTS 
Isomorphism problem for virtually free groups

Sasha Fish, University of Sydney 
Pleasant actions on Z^N

Barry Gardner, University of Tasmania
Radicals and Idempotents

Volker Gebhardt, Western Sydney University
Parabolic subgroups of Artin-Tits groups of spherical type

Yoong Kuan Goh, UTS
Permutations sorted by a finite and an infinite stack in series
Sup: Murray Elder

Eli Hazel, La Trobe University
A restricted Priestley duality on bounded distributive lattices with order-inverting operation
Sup: Tomasz Kowalski

Roozbeh Hazrat, Western Sydney University 
Strongly graded rings

Marcel Jackson, La Trobe University
All or nothing take 2

Tim Koussas, La Trobe University
Natural dualities for finite semigroups
Sup: Marcel Jackson

Tomasz Kowalski, LaTrobe University
Uniform interpolation and coherence

Huanhuan Li, Western Sydney University
Graded Steinberg algebras and partial actions

Yinan Li, UTS
On testing isomorphism of finite p-groups of class 2 and exponent p
Sup: Youming Qiao

Raimund Preusser, University of Brasilia
Bases for Kumjian-Pask algebras

Youming Qiao
On the non-commutative rank of a symbolic matrix

Iain Raeburn, Victoria University of Wellington
Gradings of C*-algebras

Colin Reid
Separability and commensurated subgroups

Subhrajyoti Saha, Monash
Skeleton Groups in Coclass Graphs
Sup: Heiko Dietrich

Aidan Sims, Wollongong
Reconstruction of groupoids from pairs of algebras

Chris Taylor, LaTrobe University
Lattices of subgraphs
Sup: Tomasz Kowalski

Lauren Thornton, University of the Sunshine Coast 
Base radical and semisimple class operators for finite associative rings
Sup: Robert McDougall

Mike Whittaker, University of Glasgow
Self-similar groupoid actions

Binzhou Xia, University of Melbourne
Graphical regular representations of groups of prescribed valency

Kai Siong Yow, Monash University
Characterisations of Extended Tutte Invariants
Sup: Graham Farr, Kerri Morgan