Keynote talks (40 minutes):

Astrid An Huef, Victoria University of Wellington

Amenability of quasi-lattice ordered groups pdf

Anthony Bak, Bielefeld

The classification of subgroups of a group which are invariant under the action by conjugation of a fixed subgroup pdf

Intan Muchtadi-Alamsyah, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Stability of Gorenstein graded flat modules pdf

Contributed talks (20 minutes):

Brian Alspach, University of Newcastle

On (1,2)-invariant graphs pdf

Becky Armstrong, The University of Sydney

Simple graph algebras pdf

Sup: Aidan Sims, Nathan Brownlowe

Alex Bishop, University of Newcastle

Geodesic Growth of the Fabrykowski-Gupta Group pdf

Sup: Murray Elder

Nathan Brownlowe, The University of Sydney

Semigroup C*-algebras pdf

Timothy Bywaters, University of Sydney

Endomorphisms, subgroups and quotients of totally disconnected locally compact groups pdf

Sup: Jacqui Rammage, George Willis

Alex Casella, University of Sydney

Understanding 3-manifolds by their character variety pdf

Sup: Stephan Tillmann, Alexander Molev

James East, WSU

Congruences on infinite partition monoids pdf

Michal Ferov, UTS

Isomorphism problem for virtually free groups pdf

Sasha Fish, University of Sydney

Pleasant actions on Z^N pdf

Barry Gardner, University of Tasmania

Radicals and Idempotents

Volker Gebhardt, Western Sydney University

Parabolic subgroups of Artin-Tits groups of spherical type pdf

Yoong Kuan Goh, UTS

Permutations sorted by a finite and an infinite stack in series pdf

Sup: Murray Elder

Eli Hazel, La Trobe University

A restricted Priestley duality on bounded distributive lattices with order-inverting operation pdf

Sup: Tomasz Kowalski

Roozbeh Hazrat, Western Sydney University

Strongly graded rings

Marcel Jackson, La Trobe University

All or nothing take 2

Tim Koussas, La Trobe University

Natural dualities for finite semigroups pdf

Sup: Marcel Jackson

Huanhuan Li, Western Sydney University

Graded Steinberg algebras and partial actions pdf

Yinan Li, UTS

On testing isomorphism of finite p-groups of class 2 and exponent p pdf

Sup: Youming Qiao

Raimund Preusser, University of Brasilia

Sandwich classification for classical-like groups over commutative rings pdf

Youming Qiao

On the non-commutative rank of a symbolic matrix pdf

Iain Raeburn, Victoria University of Wellington

Gradings of C*-algebras pdf

Colin Reid

Separability and commensurated subgroups pdf

Subhrajyoti Saha, Monash

Skeleton Groups in Coclass Graphs

Sup: Heiko Dietrich

Aidan Sims, Wollongong

Reconstruction of groupoids from pairs of algebras pdf

Chris Taylor, LaTrobe University

Lattices of subgraphs pdf

Sup: Tomasz Kowalski

Lauren Thornton, University of the Sunshine Coast

Base radical and semisimple class operators for finite associative rings pdf

Sup: Robert McDougall

Mike Whittaker, University of Glasgow

Self-similar groupoid actions pdf

Binzhou Xia, University of Melbourne

Graphical regular representations of groups of prescribed valency pdf

Kai Siong Yow, Monash University

Characterisations of Extended Tutte Invariants

Sup: Graham Farr, Kerri Morgan